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Project Goals

Despite the abundance of design recommendations and guidelines, web site usability, especially for information-centric sites, continues to be a pressing human-computer interaction issue. Tools and methodologies are needed to accelerate and improve the web site design process, especially since not every organization can afford to spend millions to hire professionals to design their sites.

The goal of the WebTango project is to explore the question: How can the web site design process be improved by the application of automated evaluation techniques?

We are creating an interactive tool to help non-professional web site builders create high quality designs. We have developed a large set of quantitative measures of web page structure which can predict whether a site will be highly or poorly rated by experts, with high accuracy. We use these measures to create statistical profiles of good sites, and apply them to an existing design, showing how that design can be changed to better match high-quality designs.

WebTango is one of the BAILANDO Projects.

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  • Site Crawler - download pages from web sites
  • Analysis - compute page- and site-level quantitative measures and generate quality predictions
  • More info
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